About us



Our Mission


Expand the view and interest of society towards water. Educate society about water properties and strengths. Help people to find the right water for the right situation to improve their health and satisfy their needs. We want to inspire people to be as passionate about water as water sommeliers, water scientists and water-lover community.



Give water brands an opportunity to introduce all the reputable water benefits to consumer in a fresh way. We want to make a real shortcut between water and consumer physically and emotionally!


Global problem awareness:

Raise awareness of global water problems and inspire people to treat water the best way they can! Only an educated and responsible person can save the world's life-giving liquid - water.




Water Sommelier Union

The Water Sommelier Union is the association of all Water Sommeliers throughout the world. Our community grows with every year. At the moment we are 170 people in more than 30 countries.

Water Sommeliers are individuals who are qualified through training and theoretical and practical examination as skilled and competent experts in the field of the cultural beverage mineral water and spring water. They are also able to give advice on other types of water.